Diligently Tend the Field of Your Heart Well

Long ago, I said, “Since I don’t have materialistic things, what should I set my heart on? Because I don’t have materialistic things, I don’t have anything to set my mind on.”

People who had materialistic things set their minds on those things, but I didn’t have any. I only had an old house without a rice paddy. When it rained heavily, the soil in the field washed away. I could only plant seeds in the field after I filled the land with soil again.

Do you know where that field was?

It was located where the small pine tree next to the pond is. I used to plant some potatoes in that small field. The slope that had a layered tree on it on the way to the prayer cave was also one of my fields. I had to pull out all the weeds, until there was not even a single one remaining.

It was really painstaking. When I see all of you managing the farm of your faith until it becomes free of weeds, I also feel how painstaking it is.

If the owner doesn’t put his hands on it, the mountain he owns will become full of weeds. In the same way, if the Lord doesn’t put his hands on you, you will also become a part of the wilderness.

When a field becomes a part of the wilderness, then it will be filled with weeds.

While reflecting on this, you should diligently tend the field of your heart well.

~Excerpt from a sermon by Pastor Jung Myung Seok


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