Utilize This Place

There is something that I teach whenever I go out to cut down bushes. I teach the same thing even when I go out for the 100th time. I tell people, “Look at this. Just as a tree can die from being squeezed by a python, this big tree died because it was squeezed by arrowroot. You see it, right? All of you too will die if you are squeezed by satans and weeds, so I can’t help but be anxious. While taking time to reflect on this, let’s cut down all of the arrowroot in the area.”

If you manage trees like this, then they will become big later on.

The lawn was once filled with daisy fleabanes before. Whether it’s a field or anything else, if it is filled with daisy fleabanes, then it will be ruined. I remember there were 50 people who came here to Wolmyeongdong in 1982 and that they took photos. At that time, you couldn’t even see a pine tree on that hill. I couldn’t see any because it was filled with daisy fleabanes. I was able to spot a tree, but it was really small. It grew that big now only because time has passed and because it was well managed.

We removed bushes earlier, so the people who cut down those bushes might be feeling some satisfaction right now. I told them to do it so that they would feel the urge to “utilize this place.” What I mean is that you need to utilize this great place. This is something they might have felt as they were cutting the bushes.

Even though the bushes were stretched around here and there, when you passed by, that was the end of it. Since this place is a sanctuary where we can lie down, sleep, play, and hear the Word, we can experience and feel the indescribable beauty of life even more. It even touches our hearts.

~Excerpt from the morning message of Sep 15, 1988; Pastor Jung Myung Seok


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