Wolmyeongdong: Where the moon shines the brightest

Wolmyeongdong (Wolmyeong Dong) is God’s Natural Temple. It is a place Pastor Jeong Myeong Seok has been developing together with his disciples since 1989. With dedication and love, he endeavored to make a temple in nature where numerous believers can gather and worship God.

Since long ago, it has been called “The Valley of Bright Moonlight” or “Dalbakgol” because it is a place where the moon shines brightly. However, when Pastor Jeong prayed about Dalbakgol, the Lord spoke to him in a revelation saying, “Numerous people will gather here like Myeongdong in Seoul.” So he changed the name of the valley to Wolmyeongdong.

Wolmyeongdong expresses the beautiful harmony between the Heavens and the earth

As you trek up the hill at the entrance of Wolmyeongdong following a steep and winding concrete road, just at the point you might begin to wonder in disappointment, “Is there really going to be anything special here?” the beautiful form of a pavilion roof rising above a lake will catch your eye, and you will begin to marvel at its beauty.

If you follow the road just a bit more and past the pavilion sitting in the lake, you will be welcomed by the sight of a large sports field. There you will see various rocks of curious shapes and pine trees drawn together harmoniously like a painted landscape.

Its grandeur strikes every visitor with admiration, but before that sense of admiration fades away, a field of grass as soft as a fluffy carpet will allure your eyes, creating an atmosphere of comfort and giving you a sense of peace. The boulder inscribed with the words, “Natural Temple,” sitting next to the grass further amplifies the artistic appeal of the lawn.

Beneath the lawn flows clear spring water that has brought the miracle of healing to numerous people who once suffered from various kinds of pains and ailments.

Daedun Mountain, which is known as the golden river of the south-western region of Korea, can be seen in the distance beyond the Natural Temple, appearing as if it were trying to embrace everything in its arms. The sight of it rising up like an ornamental screen behind the man-made landscapes within the Natural Temple makes for an awe-inspiring sight that elevates the beauty of Wolmyeongdong to its height.

It is here that Heaven and earth are blended together perfectly in harmony, so much to the point that one will find it difficult to tell what is natural and what is man-made. In the midst of this beauty, Wolmyeongdong is a precious place for human beings to express their love for God and for God to express His love to mankind.

Pastor Jeong, who developed Wolmyeongdong, invites you to “come to this place and praise the Holy Trinity who has saved our lives.”

The Trinity together with humans created this amazing Wolmyeongdong

When Pastor Jeong first began constructing the rock landscape, he called in outside experts for help since he did not have any experience working with rocks. However, not too long after the construction began, all the experts left. Their reason was that the rocks that were used for the construction were too big and that the work was too dangerous.

In such a difficult situation, Pastor Jeong made a suggestion to his disciples, “Let’s build the rock landscape ourselves.”

There was no other solution, but his disciples replied, “We have no experience. How can we do it ourselves?”

However, Pastor Jeong answered them with a question, “Are people born experts from the time they leave their mother’s womb?”

From that day on, Pastor Jeong prayed while constructing the rock landscape. For as long as he has lived, he has been a person that lives centered on fulfilling God’s Will rather than his own. His days during the construction of the rock landscape began with prayer during the early hours of dawn and continued with him relying on God throughout the day in order to actualize the rough sketch of the design that God gave him.

The Lord gave him inspiration saying, “Whether rocks or trees, if they are not placed in their rightful position, they will lose their beauty. Therefore, plant them and place them at their appropriate places.” According to this inspiration, Pastor Jeong prayed to receive God’s design for each rock and tree and built, planted, and took care of everything with his disciples.

Twenty years of development have passed, and now there is no longer any trace of the desolation that was once spread throughout Wolmyeongdong. This land, which used to be lonely and treacherous because of how isolated it was, has now turned into a place where crowds of people flock to, and it has been transformed into a beautiful and peaceful Natural Temple.

People come for all kinds of reasons, but to those whose hearts and bodies are weary, lonely, and tired, God gives them encouragement and hope by loving them and healing them. And to those who want to give thanksgiving and praise, God goes to them with the blessing of joy.

Pastor Jeong confessed, “After meeting God, my life that was worthless before transformed. Even the land I was born in, which used to be so worthless, has now transformed into a priceless temple. In this way, I wish that everyone, too, will transform and succeed!”


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